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About Pilgrim Bible Church

The Pilgrim Bible Church of Cedar Springs is an assembly of individuals who cherish God's holy Presence and seek to honor Him in life and conduct. The sincere desire of this people is that Christ might have the preeminence.

There is an awareness that at various times, God has raised up numerous organizations, providentially used of God, to propagate true, scriptural holiness. But the prevailing drift in the modern holiness movement from Bible standards of doctrine and conduct has sharpened and augmented the desire of this people for a vital union with God and an enabling of the Holy Ghost to spread "scriptural holiness" throughout this community.

The leadership of the Holy Spirit has generated a faith that dares to trust God, though it may be necessary to walk alone organizationally. The Pilgrim Bible Church of Cedar Springs is thus uncommitted to active association with any denomination or group. There is full recognition that the guiding genius of a thrice-holy God is adequate to chart any future course -- for the unknown to us is not unknown to Him. He, whose wise divine guidance has helped to carve its yesterdays, will direct its tomorrows.

For many years, for purposes of doctrine and fellowship, the congregation was associated with the Free Methodist Church of North America through its area representative, the North Michigan Conference. In January, 1966, along with many other congregations, the United Holiness Church of North America was organized. This union was continued until February 15, 1971, at which time the congregation, by a near-unanimous vote, voiced its strong desire to become an independently-governed church. The name, Pilgrim Bible Church was unanimously chosen and Rev. Robert Sickmiller was called as its first pastor. Rev. Sickmiller pastored until September 1998, at which time he retired. The church had extended a call to Rev. Clair Sams to pastor. He accepted and began his ministry in September 1998. Rev. Sams resigned in June 2001 to become a Conference President in Ohio. The church extended a call to Rev. Knox Bullock to become pastor. He accepted and began his ministry in Cedar Springs on October 1, 2001. Rev. Bullock resigned in April 2010 to pastor a church in Indiana. In August of 2010, the church extended a call to Rev. Michael Shiery and he accepted and began his ministry in Cedar Springs on October 3, 2010.

The Pilgrim Bible Church of Cedar Springs is a non-profit corporation operating under the statutes of the State of Michigan. The church embraces the original message of Methodism with a strong emphasis on evangelistic outreach and missionary vision. All who are interested in seeking God, or fellowshipping with Him and His people are welcome. "Come thou with us and we will do thee good."